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I Got Vaccinated at Adventist— Here’s What You Should Know

At this moment, Adventist is vaccinating Phase 1A, 1B and those 65 years and older in 1C even though MoCo is a little bit behind this schedule.

I put the email address for Adventist as a VIP /favorite in my phone so I would get notified ASAP when they emailed me. Their email is

(Turns out I missed seeing the notifications , but I had a friend who texted me saying there were spaces available.)

I signed up through a sign up genius link. I was nervous about whether this was a legitimate sign up because it barely asked for any information. All spots were taken within 10 minutes.

When I arrived at the building, there were 3 people ahead of me. It was about a 5 minute wait to get into the building. One friend said she had a 2 hour wait and other said it was a 45 minute wait for her, even though they both had appointments. One friend recommended coming prepared with snacks/water and warm clothes just in case. When I got into the building, they gave me a sticker with my appointment time, crossed my name off a list, and then asked me to have an ID, my insurance card, and a form of proof that I’m a teacher (I used a paystub because I left my ID at school with my keys). They filled out my info into an official registration and sent me to get my shot. I was injected with Pfizer. It was very fast and painless for me. (I got my shot about an hour ago and my arm still isn’t sore yet.) After getting the shot, they had me sit in a room for 15 minutes to make sure I was okay. While I was waiting, they made a second appointment for me and wrote it down on my card. Overall, great experience. Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!!

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